Nine Ways To Effectively Protect Yourself Against Computer Radiation

First, put several cactuses near the computer, it can effectively absorb radiation.

Second, for some busy or life nervous men, resist computer radiate, the simplest way is in every morning drink two or three cups of green tea and eat an orange. Tea contains rich vitamin A, it absorbed by human body, can quickly transfer into vitamin A. Vitamin A can not only synthesize visual purple but also can make the eyes see things in darkness even more clearly, therefore, green tea can eliminate the computer radiation hazards, and also can protect and improve eyesight. If you can not used to drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also plays the computer radiation resistance and adjust the function of the body, spirulina, seabuckthorn oil also have the effect of radiation protection.

Third, before online, first make skin isolation, such as use of pearl membrane on the skin, form a layer of 0.001 mm, which can effectively prevent the pollution of the environment infringement and radiation, furthermore, after the use of the computer, the face may absorb many electromagnetic radiation particles, you should wash it in time with water that can reduce radiation more than 70%.

Fourth, when operating computer screen, preferably


Make Computer Run Faster The New Era Of The Software

Frequent times you were wondering how can I achieve my Supercomputer faster? Are you drawn of decelerate cpu enactment? Are you thwarted with all this wasted age because your pc is entry slow and programs cast inordinately slow?

Do not flap any longer. I got a cool resolution for you. Rapidly you will go out with that you can claim I know how to add up to mp notebook faster.

Present is the detail. Computer is near any added appliance. It dearth maintenance and fear. From time to time it break down and now and again it is not managing as fast as it should or can.

Why your notebook is not as rapid as it was?

There are little different reasons why your laptop is slower and it was. I will aim to guide you main harm’s and mainly reasons of the notebook crashes and also I will confirm you how you can bind it.

1. Pernicious software.

Individual of the leading reasons of dense cpu act is a detrimental software that percolate your computer. This can be terrorizing but Im scenic demonstrable that you may perhaps have some kind of negative software installed in your cpu. Ive maybe


Computer Smps Repairing How To Stop Feeling Stress When Repairing Computer Smps

Computer SMPS repairing is ULTRA difficult and only a genius would dare to do it. So you better avoid it at all cost!

Alright, Im just kidding okay ;) Fixing a computers switch mode power supply is quite a breeze actually well, in most cases

You know, I used to hate repairing SMPS because its multiple circuit designs are so confusing. Liner power supplies were so much easier to fix.

Fortunately, I stumbled across a detailed SMPS service manual and things became a lot less stressful for me. You can check out the manual details by following the link at the bottom of this article.

Now, if you feel stressed out when doing computer SMPS repairing work please dont feel that way. Take a deep breath and relax..

Let me give you a few helpful tips

#1 Measure the voltage properly. If the volt lines have increased then youre looking at an overvoltage problem.

#2Adjust your volt-ohm meter to the range of 1 and try inspecting the secondary output area. The secondary diodes outputs need to be tested. Place the ohm meters black probe on all outputs while the red one is placed on


Thin Client, Diskless Client, Embedded Linux Thin Client,thin Computer, Thin Client Pc, Hp Thin Clie

Thin Client has the following benefits which the users can derive by installing our range of Thin Client solutions in their business environment. Thin Client is a diskless pc technology that has lots of benefits.

Article Body:

Advent of technology has brought in lots of advantages in the daily life. The most integral part today for any business is computer, and with proper utilization of Thin Client Technology in the core, the benefits derived out of the computing technology is immense and leads to lot of cost saving. Thin Client has the following benefits which the users can derive by installing our range of Thin Client solutions in their business environment. Thin Client is a diskless pc technology that has lots of benefits.

Additional Cost Saving:

No disk drives (Hard-disks, CDROMs and Floppies) required on Thin Clients or Diskless PC. Also, the memory requirements on PCs are very minimal. This saves at least additional Rs. 10 to 12000 on each PCs. Also all the moving parts are eliminated giving you much more uptime and performance enhancement.

Recycle Obsolete or Low-configuration PCs

Minimum Hardware requirements being very low, i.e. P-I with 32MB RAM and Digital Monitor, you can profitably use


Build Own Computer Understanding The Parts Of Motherboard Can Make You Wiser To Choose Your Spec

When you are planning to build own computer you need to understand the parts of the motherboard. This is essential for you to know the importance of each part and what makes your system slow or fast. And the good thing here is that youll learn how to choose your own computer parts wisely.

The following explains the major parts of motherboard

CPU socket is a part of motherboard that holds the processor in proper place. Sometimes called ZIF socket (zero insertion force) because it allows the processor to be inserted without any resistance or effortless and to be locked in proper place with the lever arm.

Chipset – It comes with two parts the Northbridge and the Southbridge chipset. The Northbridge handles the communications between the processor, RAM, ROM BIOS, PCI-E and AGP it also connects the Southbridge. The Southbridge manages the slower capabilities of motherboard such as the SATA, IDE, USB, Audio and LAN. In short, the Northbridge is a memory controller for fast capabilities and the Southbridge is an I/O controller for slower capabilities. In AMD64 processor the Northbridge was integrated to the processor.

Memory slot – It holds the memory module of your computer.